Lesvos belongs to the islands of the Eastern Aegean Sea and it’s the third largest Greek island after Crete and Euboea. It occupies an area of 1,630 square Km and its coastline stretches for about 370 km. Lesvos lies in front of the Adramytte Gulf at a distance of 5-8miles from the Asia Minor coasts.

The island of Lesvos belongs to the Prefecture of Lesvos together with the islands of Lemnos, Saint Efstratios and the islets around them to the northern. There are two Gulfs: the Gulf of Gera and of Kalloni in the South, while a plethora of bays and capes surround it perimetrically.

At the highlands, there are torrents that flow through the plains: Tsikneas in the North, Tsichleotas in the West, Mylopotamos in the Central and Sedoundas, Almyropotamos in the South.

The western Lesvos in comparison with the rest is barren with the exception of small green patches, but the eastern and central part of the island is full of olive groves (11 million olive trees), forests of pine-, chestnut-, oak-, breech- and plane- trees. Also, the Lesvian countryside is covered with an endless variety of herbs and aromatic plants. Generally, the flora is extremely rich.

We have to notice here that the sea’s flora and fauna are worth noticing too. The climate of Lesvos is mild and salubrious: the winter is warm and the sun shines during all the seasons of the year. The rainfalls – with registered maximum height in December and minimum in July-contribute positively to the land’s fertility. The winter is mild and the phenomenon of snowfall is rare – with the exception of the highlands. Also, there are strong winds especially during the period July-August – the so-called period of «Aegean Sea’s meltemia».

Lesvos” population is about 100,000 inhabitants and Mytilene is the capital of the island and the Prefecture of Lesvos. Also, Mytilene is the administrative center of the Ministry of Aegean, the District of the North Aegean, and the University of Aegean.

Lesbos Island is quite famous for the pure products that produce. Ouzo, virgin olive oil, comes from the most pure and blessed tree, the olive tree, which you can see in any part of the island. The local people work endless hours to collect the olives, in order to produce the extra virgin olive. Dairy products mainly «ladotyri» are known all over the country, in Europe and the whole world.

Lesvos is the perfect island that combines sea and mountain. Calm and lively. It is the ideal destination for families, but also for those who like the more solitary life and adventure. You are able to deal with a variety of water sports, enjoy the sunshine and relax lying on a beach.

For those who love bird-watching, already dozens of rare migratory and non-invite you to admire. Rarely already plants and flowers, as well as types of amphibians live and grow in almost all areas of the island.

Do not waste time! Start now to come to the beautiful island of Lesvos.

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